FAITHFULL THE BRAND On Julie: Faithfull the Brand Marloe Maxi Dress $229If you're looking for breezy summer dresses, chic linen sets, and luxe beach styles, look no further than Faithfull the Brand. Founded and sustainably produced in Bali, a sense of summer and the spirit of travel is in the brand's DNA which is why you can always count on them for seasonal essentials. While the typical concert outfit idea may consist of a T-shirt and jeans, concerts have now become full-on fashion extravaganzas. Artists' stage costumes are a huge part of their tours, and now showgoers are following suit. Sleek, modern, and sophisticated are all words you could use to describe Celine's Triomphe bag. However, the style's eye-catching yet versatile design is what really makes it poised to be the next big It bag. As someone who is hell-bent on making travel a more pleasant experience in any way I can, I put a lot of effort into sourcing the best products to help me achieve this. When I have a trip coming up, I really get into the travel-accessory zone, and lucky for you, I recently had one and am all stocked up.The thing about travel accessories is that most of them aren't absolutely necessary. Night-out dressing in itself is a tricky thing, presenting itself with the same old conundrums time after time: Should I wear high heels, or will it ruin my evening if we end up schlepping from bar to bar? It's raining, but isn't it inherently uncool to carry an umbrella? What if everyone else is super casual, and I've chosen that night to crack out a vintage gown?All of these irritations can be soothed by the nice, comforting, grown-up confines of having dinner either at your own place or going over to someone else's. There are no guarantees that the food won't be worthy of a MasterChef fail, but you can ensure that the fashion standards are kept high. Everyone is unique in their own way and lightyears YSL Handbags Outlet ahead of other major cities in terms of trends. Im packing my new favorites and my foolproof essentials like my KNC lip masks the soothe my lips after a day in the sun. And after my last trip, I nailed these pieces down. Ready to see what I've declared must-haves whenever I travel? Keep scrolling.The Just-in-Case Layer Crossbody Bag My first two must-haves are things that you actually don't even need to pack in your suitcase because you can wear them on the plane. Welcome to Weekday Wardrobe, a series in which one Who What Wear editor or staffer will snap a pic of the outfits they wear from Monday to Friday. We'll break down where you can shop it all to inspire your own everyday style, no matter what's on your weekly agenda.Last month, I went on a beach vacation with my friends to Mexico, and to say the trip was epic would be quite an understatement. This Weekend's Best Sales, According To R29 Shopping Editors As professional online shoppers, affiliate writers have a spidey sense for the best virtual sale sections and limited-time deals. Whether it's Lululemon's ol' reliable We Made Too Much sale or a flash deal on bestselling skin-care brands where there's a clearance rack, there's an R29 shopping editor sizing up its price-slashed goods.